How Windows Impact Your Happiness

silhouette of person standing in front of a window with curtains pushed to the side. modern windows and doors. niagara regionWindows play a larger role than just brightening up your space. Did you know that windows can actually impact your personal happiness level? It has been scientifically proven that simply opening up a window or letting in sunlight has the ability to stimulate your mental health and mood – for the better! Make these 3 daily changes in your life to improve your health and happiness:

Bring in the Sunshine: It is no secret that sunlight betters your health. When your body is exposed to sunlight, it produces Vitamin D, a very important mineral for bone growth. Besides strengthening bones, Vitamin D also plays a role in impacting your mood, productiveness, and the way you process mentally. Exposure to natural light promotes the production of serotonin in your brain which has been proven to positively impact your mood as well. The best way to bring in natural light in to your home is through a clear window!

Achieve Comfort with New Windows: One of the most valuable parts of your home’s energy-efficiency are your windows! With old windows, many experience discomfort due to air bleed. This impacts your home’s heating and cooling system as it forces them to work harder than they should, resulting in lack of happiness – physically and financially. Installing new windows will combat those issues. With new windows, your home is able to better keep cool/warm air in without overworking your cooling/heating system. This will bring you comfort and a sense of happiness as you will be content with your home’s temperature levels and not to mention, the financial aspect as well!

Get Your Beauty Sleep Every Night: A good night’s rest can be achieved with the help of windows! Just like most mammals, our body relies heavily on our circadian rhythm. This biological process is driven by exposure to sunlight which assists in developing your sleeping pattern. Having an equal amount of exposure to sunlight every day ultimately betters your night routine, giving you a better sleep at night. You can achieve your ideal routine by simply opening up your windows right when you get up. That early morning sunlight exposure will automatically wake up your body and you can physically see the day change as time goes by, reminding your body when it’s time to unwind. It’s simple, better sleep = better mood = happiness.

We only chose to highlight 3 of our favourite happiness hacks but windows surely have the ability to increase your happiness in numerous ways. Do yourself a favour; open up those windows, let in the sunlight, the fresh air, and notice the difference in your mood and productivity level!


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